Green & Natural produces 100% Malaysian origin blends of natural, vegetable-based waxes.

We offer wax products, additives and the technical know-how needed to make specific applications possible. Our focus is on both candle waxes and natural waxes and blends for industrial applications. In all applications they can be tailor made for specific applications.

Uniwax 5501

Made with Uniwax

A versatile formulated wax, called Universal Wax 5501 because of it’s large range of uses. Originally designed as a candle wax, pillars / votives and tealights, it is now used in packaging, crayon, fragrance melts, and other industrial applications. It is a good alternative to Paraffin Waxes 55 and 60.

Palm wax BP1001

A pre-blended hydrogenated triglycerides, palm base which is white, hard and versatile. It is widely used as a direct alternative to paraffin wax and in smaller doses can increase the hardness of wax blends. Used in smaller dosages it can boost the melting point of wax blends and acts as a release agent. Food contact grade and eco-friendly.

Candle Grade Stearic Acid

Stearic acids are sourced from our accredited long term supplier refineries. They are both regular grades or speciality cuts conforming to the specifications for candle makers or industrial users.

Crystal pattern palm wax

Crystal waxes for pillar candles are an important niche offering quite stunning patterns and glow effects. Large Feather, Icicle ad Frost are very popular grades.

Rubber Processing Wax RPW 5701


Rubber Processing Wax RPW 5701 is a complex blend and has been proven to provide the protection needed over a broad temperature spectrum. Its properties are comparable to traditional rubber waxes from petroleum based raw materials. Their performance has been confirmed independently by industrial usage. Rubber Processing Wax RPW 5701 forms a flexible wax film on the surface of the polymer and protects it from crack formation to ozone attack. Additionally, Rubber Processing Wax RPW 5701 has a positive synergistic effect when used with chemical antiozonants.


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About us

Green + Natural is technology company focused on developing, manufacturing of feed additives and feed materials for animal nutrition.

GN makes natural waxes and soluble fertilizer.

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